Cattish stands for catlike, feline, so these pages are devoted to my fourteen cats. It is a hardly secret that life with animals doesn’t always go according to plan, and that having cats has its patience-testing moments. You have to learn to regard the difficulties as positive experiences; joy lightens the burden of life, difficulties make you grow. Cats have brought sorrow, trouble and lots of joy into my life, but most of all they have made me, even with all my shortcomings, into the person that I am.

I got into the cat activities in 1992. Unu, IP/EC Kassaran Majeptil came as a beloved pet to fill in the gap in my life left by Nestori. However, encouraged by the breeder, I signed up for a first show in the fall of that same year. That marked the beginning of a trip to a wonderful world; new like-minded friends, countless shows in Finland and in Europe, as well as association activities with its ups and downs.

The thought of my own breeding work arose as late as 1998. FIN*Cattish was registered to FIFe in the April of 1999 and the first litter was born in January 2000. Breeding is done on a small scale and it is targeted, with selective breeding, to produce healthy, well-mannered individuals with the characteristic of the Burmese breed.